Meltem Heper 

Positioning Consultant

Global Partner @ RIES | Founder @ Magnetic Brand  

Meltem helps companies & brands strategically Position themselves to become Magnetic and Dominate their markets.   

She provides guidance on owning a winning position and on making sure that business, marketing and brand management serve this position.

As a consultant, she is uniquely equipped with more than 25 years of actual in house experience in her area of expertise, having worked in top executive level positions for companies ranging from Fortune 500 (Unilever, 15+ years) to Small & Medium Sized Companies to Start-Ups, driving major Global & Local Brands.

Meltem has received various marketing awards throughout her career and has been named one of the "Top 25 Marketers of Turkey" by Capital Magazine

Chris Warmoth

Executive Vice President

Carlsberg Group

I worked with Meltem when I was on the Board of Evyap and Meltem was heading International Marketing.

She did an excellent job especially on Duru. She found a brand which was very fragmented, had no consistent positioning across variants and products, no consistent look and feel — and, despite starting from a very complex situation, she was able to find a way forward which truly created a brand. It’s one thing to create a brand from scratch — difficult in itself. It’s actually much harder to take a highly fragmented and inconsistent brand and create a brand from that. This all required Meltem to leverage her long experience on brands, her creativity in being able to map a way forward and her leadership to make it happen. It all happened in a short period of time. Meltem did similar work on other brands — with similar results.

She was always very good to deal with — had clear opinions, expressed her point of view well, was a good listener and was able to take multiple inputs and reflect them well. 

China, January 2020
Engaging Global Markets

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