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Meltem Heper 

Founder, Magnetic Marca - Strategic Management Ecosystem
Consulting Partner, RIES Global
Strategic Positioning Consultant

Meltem’s passion is bringing CLARITY to Chaotic Environments to unleash Healthy Growth.

This passion has led her to establish a Strategic Management Ecosystem with Strategic Positioning at its core.


A strategic positioning expert since 1998, she is a co-author of “Positioning in the 21st Century” with Al Ries, Laura Ries & Simon Zhang.


She helps Companies, Leaders & Countries formulate their overall strategy in the light of a Clear Positioning to become a Global Center of Attraction - without wasting Time, Effort or Money.

Positioning is Owning a word, concept or category in the Mind;

it defines a brand, what it is and even more critically, what it is not.

Meltem ’s models developed to Clarify, Strengthen and Sustain a Strategic Positioning are based on a

UNIQUE SYSNTHESIS of deep knowledge from extensive research on the subject with more than 25 years of actual in-house experience spanning global companies to local jewels. 

Her most important insight is that to create a Magnetic Brand, instead of wasting resources on popular tactics, a Clear Positioning has to be the centerpiece of all strategies

“When You Are Clear, Miracles Happen”, Chris Attwood, Co-Founder of The Passion Test

Chris Warmoth.jpg

Chris Warmoth

Executive Vice President

Carlsberg Group

I worked with Meltem when I was on the Board of Evyap and Meltem was heading International Marketing.

She did an excellent job especially on Duru. She found a brand which was very fragmented, had no consistent positioning across variants and products, no consistent look and feel — and, despite starting from a very complex situation, she was able to find a way forward which truly created a brand. It’s one thing to create a brand from scratch — difficult in itself. It’s actually much harder to take a highly fragmented and inconsistent brand and create a brand from that. This all required Meltem to leverage her long experience on brands, her creativity in being able to map a way forward and her leadership to make it happen. It all happened in a short period of time. Meltem did similar work on other brands — with similar results.

She was always very good to deal with — had clear opinions, expressed her point of view well, was a good listener and was able to take multiple inputs and reflect them well. 

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China, January 2020
Engaging Global Markets

Ready to

Own a Winning Position

Locally & Globally?

“When You Are Clear Miracles Happen” 
Chris Attwood, Co-Founder of The Passion Test

“When You Are Clear Miracles Happen” 
Chris Attwood, Co-Founder of The Passion Test

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